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Designed to fit in with your needs,
wherever you work

Voca Quest offers various features aiming to answer every SLP need. The platform allows you to set up your organisation, and manage user roles. Users with Professional access can manage their clients, create new ones, set up therapy goals, and automatically track clients' progress by running activities in face-to-face sessions, via teletherapy or assignments.

Voca Quest for schools

Voca Quest offers gamified and engaging activities that your SLP may recommend. Schools can implement programs set up by their SLP and work in the classroom on related goals. Fun games and simple instructions help make sessions often possible to complete with supervision. Progress can be shared with the SLP before they visit, to make the most of everyone's time!

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Voca Quest at Home

Voca Quest offers a way to practice therapy at home through an engaging client dashboard. Work with your child's SLP to set up a plan to work through together in your own time at home.
You can print out extra homework or play the games online from home - it's easy and the best thing is the SLP can keep track between sessions, saving time and helping with planninng.

Voca Quest for Researchers

There are two ways researchers can partner with Therapy Box and Voca Quest. Talk to us about how you would like to use Voca Quest in your project or with your SLP students at the university.

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