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Voca Quest for busy SLPs

Kate is a busy SLP. She wants to be able to plan, carry out and track the therapy programs she sets up for all the students on her caseload. Most importantly, she wants to carry out effective therapy and for her clients to have fun. Saving time is key! 

Assessing clients' abilities

Kate creates Joshua as a client in her caseload and starts by creating a session. She creates a Cycles Phonological Plan to suit Joshua's goals. She also sets up some work for the classroom so he can work towards his vocabulary goals. She chooses materials from the library and also creates some herself.

Voca Quest - Assessing clients' abilities
Voca Quest - Putting together a therapy plan

Putting together a therapy plan

Kate plans the therapy for all the children on her caseload, selecting their goals and adding activities to their programs. She shares the programs with the class teacher and the parents too! 

Track your clients' progress

Kate can track progress between sessions when she assigns work for her students. She can also share the reports with the parents and uses the data to plan new goals and adjust the therapy program for each child.

Voca Quest - Track your clients' progress
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