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What is Voca Quest?

The biggest library of games and resources for busy SLPs

Plan and track progress using 6000 speech, language, fluency and voice interactive activities.

Voca Quest is quick and easy


Therapy plan

Create and customise engaging sessions for your clients to work on in between clinic sessions. Share the plan with home and school. Keep track of the client's performance between your sessions.


Deliver therapy

Voca Quest uses a range of pre-built screening tools and checklists that can help collect important information on:

  • fluency

  • speech sound production

  • language use

  • social skill-related goals


Read the report

At the end of each session a summary of performance is provided which includes an item analysis and an overall score.  The reports can then be saved, shared or printed. An aggregate report is available for each goal you set, so that you can check progress and adjust your plans.

Who is it for?



Busy SLPs who would like to save time and focus more on what they like: providing therapy.



Voca Quest offers gamified and engaging activities that your SLP may recommend. With Voca Quest, you can also manage your team members access and rest reassured that data is safe and secure.



Voca Quest offers a way to practice therapy at home through an engaging client dashboard. Work with your child's SLP to set up a plan to work through together in your own time at home.

Benefits of Voca Quest

✔️ It's comprehensive

so you will find resources you are familiar with and clients like to use. One stop shop.

✔️ It has clever technology

With client’s use we automatically detect, create and track goals. Our AI based suggestion engine generates relevant activities for clients so you don’t have to. This saves you time.


✔️ It's engaging

to use independently at home or school, delivers therapy outside contact hours. This may improve therapy outcomes.

✔️ It's free for early birds

so accessible to you, your entire team and most importantly your clients too.

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