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A comprehensive library of screeners
and therapy resources

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Voca Quest offers nearly 6000 games and activities, which are available in both British and American English. The resources are informed by evidence-based approaches and have been designed to help busy SLPs with ready-made activities that facilitate maximum target repetitions while motivating clients with game-based fun. 

“Lots of variety…and I recommend it”

Speech resources

Voca Quest offers thousands of speech-focused activities and 3 screeners. Choose specific phonological processes to target or customise your content from the available list of speech sounds in initial, medial and final positions of words, as well as in clusters. These activities include the most popular therapy approaches such as flashcards, minimal pairs, and more! They can even be paired with spinner games or chutes and ladders to make the session even more fun!

Speech sound screener

A selection of flashcards is available which are designed to help evaluate which speech sounds a child can produce. You can mark and annotate the performance of each word, as well as listen back to the production later on if you record what the child has said. 

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Cycles approach

The cycles approach (originally described by Hodson and Paden, 1991) focuses on targeting specific processes (e.g. syllable structure, fronting, cluster reduction etc. rather than a single phoneme). Find a range of comprehensive words available for targeting the processes that you need.

Speech sound activities

Fun flashcard presented activities are available, spanning language and speech-based targets. To play, tap on a card to reveal it. The client should read or repeat the word. An adult can score the client's response. You can work on the word before moving to the next card.

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Minimal pairs 

Updated from Therapy Box's best-selling Minimal Pairs app, Minimal Pairs is designed for use with clients working on speech sound discrimination and production goals. Minimal Pairs has been designed to provide digital minimal pair contrasts for use in speech and language therapy sessions. This app will help with providing resources for multiple sessions.

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