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Our mission is to provide digital therapy resources for SLPs, schools and parents

About Us

Voca Quest is designed by a team of designers, developers, linguists and education tech experts, with over 10 years experience in developing award winning apps for the use of speech language pathologists, their clients and families. Importantly it is designed after working closely with clinicians and gathering their insights, understanding their needs and listening to their feedback.




Rebecca Bright, MBE, Co-Founder, Speech Pathologist

Rebecca’s prior experience in speech and language therapy, as well as her background in designing augmentative communication apps has helped her gain insights into creating tools for use by busy clinicians, their clients and families

Swapnil Gadgil, Tech entrepreneur, Co-Founder

Swapnil is the CEO of Therapy Box and brings 13 years experience in developing technology for the speech and language industry.


How it started

After speaking to hundreds of practitioners, we encounters an unmet need for a comprehensive platform providing both therapy resources and screening tools, the ability to run sessions remotely, in face to face or as assignments, and to track clients’ progress automatically and efficiently.


Therapy Box

Voca Quest has been created by the interdisciplinary team at Therapy Box who have over 10 years of experience in designing and releasing software that meets the needs of SLPs and their clients. The team is behind the award-winning AAC apps Predictable and Scene & Heard. It has collaborated and partnered with leading universities and organisations across the world in its quest to innovate and improve SLP provision.

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