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Feature set

Key features of Voca Quest

Voca Quest offers various features aiming to answer every SLP need. The platform allows you to set up your organisation, and manage user roles. Users with Professional access can manage their clients, create new ones, set up therapy goals, and automatically track clients' progress by running activities in face-to-face, tele-therapy or assignments.



Voca Quest offers 7 screeners which use smart technology to make your life as an SLP easier. For example, our voice screener automatically counts syllables so that you can focus on dysfluencies. 


Therapy Resources

Voca Quest includes over 5000 digital therapy resources, with most also available as printables.

Therapy resources


Voca Quest therapy approaches can be paired with games to enhance engagement. Clients collect coins as they practice.

Activity report.gif

Automatic Activity Report

Once completing an activity either through practitioner account or client dashboard, an activity report will be created where you can add notes and review client performance. 

Automatic activity report

Recommendation Engine

Voca Quest will suggest relevant activities in the therapy plan based on client goals and previously completed activities. Goals will also be suggested based off of client performance. 

Suggestions gif.gif
Recommendation engine

Client dashboard

Client dashboard is a client-friendly access for clients to practice at home or in school. Each activity practiced from home or from school generates a session report available on the SLP's access.

Client dashboard

Available on iPad and Web

The iPad version of Voca Quest has all the same great features, easily accessible in an app format.

Screenshot 2022-08-24 at 3.44.41 PM.png
Available on iPad and Web
Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 3.24.34 PM.png


Over 4000 of our activities are now also available as printables within Voca Quest!


Pre-built Bundles

The Activity Library also contains a selection of pre-built bundles, which is a quick and easy way to add resources to your client's therapy plan. 

bundles gif.gif
Pre built bundles
Screenshot 2022-08-22 at 3.23.01 PM.png

Voca Quest Studio

Voca Quest Studio allows you to create your own digital therapy resources and bundles using our templates!


Delivery modes

Voca Quest activities can be done in different ways: in clinic, using a secondary device for marking, remotely or at home or at school independently.

Delivery modes

Therapy plan

Pick one or more activities, add them to the plan. Use targeted activity bundles to improve speech or language goals.

Therapy plan
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