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Voca Quest for schools

Wendy is a teaching assistant at her local school. She works with Kate, a SLP, who visits the school and tends to use Voca Quest on her iPad and gives out homework to kids from the school. She has noticed great improvements given the engaging nature of the digital therapy and additional practice that kids receive with the homework functionality.

1.Get the students' abilities
   assessed by a SLP

Kate has done a speech sound screener with Joshua and has noticed that Joshua has difficulties with 'r' blends. She informed Wendy that Joshua should complete 2 activities of his Voca Quest therapy plan each week between the in-clinic sessions with Kate 


2.Create accounts for your
Teaching assistants

Wendy makes sure Joshua finds some time each Tuesday and Thursday to complete one activity from the Client portal.

3.Let Voca Quest track the students' progress

Wendy can also review Joshua's progress from the adult section in the Client portal.

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