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Voca Quest for Researchers

Voca Quest for Researchers

Voca Quest for Researchers

There are two ways researchers can partner with Therapy Box and Voca Quest.

  1. We have a track record of working in collaborative research teams within speech and language therapy domains. 

  2. We offer integration and use of our platform for clinics and teletherapy providers

Innovation examples

Gaming for SLP 

We have co-designed Therapy Blox, an online game for use in group-based sessions giving clinicians flexibility in working on language and social skill goals.  This game based activity can be adapted to enable working on a range of communication goals.

Automating fluency assessments

Voca Quest - Innovation examples

Our fluency tools automatically count the syllables used and allow SLPs to mark and annotate dysfluencies during connected speech samples.  Saves time and makes fluency evaluation easier. 

Work with us

Get in touch with our team to discuss how we can best support your research. We can send you a non-disclosure agreement and get the ball rolling, so that we can help you bring your research idea to life.

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