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Voca Quest: Speech therapy activity platform

What is Voca Quest?

Voca Quest is a speech and language therapy resource platform built for busy SLPs, to use with their clients. Pick from our library or write your own resource, deliver therapy on iPad or with printables and review client progress with automatic progress reports. From signup to therapy in less than 5 minutes!

It is available as an iPad app or a web platform.


How does Voca Quest work?

1. Plan


Create and customise engaging sessions for your clients to work on in between clinic sessions. Share the plan with home and school. Keep track of the client's performance between your sessions. 


3. Read the report

Whatever delivery mode you select, Voca Quest automatically tracks your client's progress, generating a session report and updating the aggregate report. It can suggest the next activity for you to consider.


2. Deliver therapy

Voca Quest is designed to use anywhere. Use it in your clinic on your desktop, iPad or tablet. In addition you can set up sessions to run via tele-therapy, as well as setting programmes to complete at home or at school. The choice is yours.

Who is Voca Quest for?

shutterstock_141294310 (1).jpg


SLPs who would like to save time  

SLPs who want to get on with doing more therapy and less admin

SLPs who want their clients to have fun in their sessions



Schools who want to work on language and speech goals

School SLPs who want to share work with the teacher and parents at home

Schools who want to track progress of students



Proactive parents working with their SLP team

Parents wanting to complete follow up SLP exercises at home 

Parents wanting to share their child's progress with their team

6 Reasons to use Voca Quest

 1. It's comprehensive

4. It’s time saving

You will find resources you are familiar with and clients like to use. It's a one stop shop. With over 15 different therapy approaches, there is sure to be plenty of options for you to keep your client engaged and to target their goals in a multitude of formats.

Our clever technology automatically detects, suggests and tracks goals. AI based suggestion engine generates relevant activities for you to consider for your clients.

2. It's engaging

Voca Quest can be used at home between sessions. Increase the practice opportunities for your clients and set fun games for use at home!

5. You can make your own materials

We all have our go-tos. If you think of that perfect activity, we haven't got but you would like....Use our Studio and make it on the go. It's that easy!

3. You get unlimited printables

Sometimes printables are just better. You can print any activity on Voca Quest, as often and for as many clients as you like.

6. It's free...for now

Currently Voca Quest is available at no charge....but it won't last! Sign up now.

Dont just take our word for it...


Swapnil Gadgil



Rebecca Bright


Who built Voca Quest?

Voca Quest has been built by the team at Therapy Box (the makers of Predictable). As well as writing our content and ensuring that it is both relevant and engaging, speech and language therapists have input into the tool providing feedback and suggestions.

We take data protection seriously. Voca Quest is compliant with the guidelines set out by HIPAA in the USA and GDPR in Europe.  

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