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Practicing social skills with Therapy Blox

What is Therapy Blox?

Therapy Blox is a multiplayer block building activity that can be found within Voca Quest. It was designed in mind of those who have social communication difficulties, to allow these skills to be practiced whilst doing a structured task. Some examples of skills that can be targeted are: turn taking, problem solving and seeking clarification amongst many others. The Voca Quest team created this digital resource inspired by Lego Therapy, which is an evidence based approach created by Dr LeGoff.

How does it work?

During a Therapy Blox session, three clients of similar age or ability are required to work together to build a block model. To do this, each client takes on one of three specific roles:

  • The Engineer oversees reading and relaying the instructions. The Engineer must tell the Supplier what pieces to retrieve and tell the Builder how to build the model.

  • The Supplier oversees finding the correct block pieces. The Supplier must listen to the Engineer and figure out what piece to retrieve, and then given these pieces to the Builder.

  • The Builder oversees physically building the model. The Builder must listen to instructions provided by the Engineer and receive the pieces that are retrieved by the Supplier.

How is this activity assessed?

Once the activity is completed, the speech and language therapist will be shown an observations screen. Here you can select which client performed each role, and then choose from Always, Sometimes and Not observed for a series of criteria.


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