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Using the Therapy Plan feature

Voca Quest includes the ability to create a digital therapy plan using our library of resources.

What is the therapy plan feature?

The therapy plan feature within Voca Quest allows you to keep track of the activities the client has completed and to plan and organise the activities that would be useful to do next.

As you can see above, there are four different sections to the therapy plan list on Voca Quest. You can filter between these using the Source header.

  • Historical - These are activities that have been completed, including those in different delivery modes and completed through the client's login.

  • Started - These are activities that have been started, but not finished. You can delete these from your therapy plan using the bin icon.

  • Upcoming - These are the activities you have added to your therapy plan that have yet to be completed.

  • Suggested - These are added by our intelligent suggestion tool. They are based on the goals set for your client, so will be relevant to their progression. This can be used to help you as an SLT choose more easily which activities might be relevant to the client, but will also ensure that the client does not run out of activities to complete through their own login.

Using the icon buttons

Delete - this allows you to remove the activity from the therapy plan.

Info - this allows you to easily access more information about the activity.

Replay - this icon is only applicable to historical activities, and allows you to replay the activity.

Play - this icon allows you to start the activity.

Report - this icon is only applicable to historical activities, and allow you to view the report for that activity.

Rearrange - this icon is only applicable to upcoming activities, and allows you to rearrange the order of the activities. This gives you control over the order that the client will do the activities if using their own login.

Why is this useful?

This feature means that you can easily keep track of the therapy that you are providing using Voca Quest. Additionally, you can organise the order that the client can complete the activities in using the client dashboard.

The login details for this can be shared with a parent or a member of school staff, and they can support the client through completing the activities in the therapy plan that you have created. Activities completed this way will still show in your therapy plan list, which means you can access the reports and keep track of progress even before meeting them again!


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