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Speech Sound Screener

This screener will show a series of flashcards to elicit words containing certain sounds from the client. You can choose whether to display the word to be tested on the flashcard. Turn on if the client is old enough to read single words proficiently, turn off otherwise. Prompt the client to say the word, using the available audio of the word itself or a prompt sentence for the word, as you wish.

You can then mark the client’s speech using the sound tiles in the bottom right of the screen. By default the sound will be considered correct, so simply move on to the next card if there were no errors. You are also able to tap the skip button if you don't want to include a particular word in the test; it will also be omitted from the report.

Sounds can be marked as correct, acceptable, omitted completely, or substituted for a sequence of one or more sounds. If the sound is omitted or substituted, you should select applicable phonological errors from the list provided.

You can use the main record button (in the bottom left corner of the screen) to record the client's speech and the notes input to take notes. You will be able to listen to the recordings and edit results after the test if you need.

Once finished, you will be taken to the review screen. Here you can replay the client's recorded speech and take notes and use the secondary record button under the memo column to take a supplementary recording.

The report will show key findings and summaries from the recorded results of the screener such as sound error frequency by position in word and phonological process frequency. It will also list the results per word in the screener alongside the recordings and notes.


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