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Setting Goals in Voca Quest

Voca Quest allows you to set specific goals for your client, to be tracked through the Goals page.

How do I create goals?

Adding goals is simple. You can navigate to the add icon, seen below in the navigation bar of the goals page. This will bring up a modal which allows you to enter the information for the goal that you would like to add. When entering the target, you can narrow down and use a target provided by Voca Quest or create a custom target of your own. The benefit of using a Voca Quest provided target is that they will be automatically tracked as the client completes relevant activities. Here, you can also edit the accuracy target for where you would like the client to progress to.

How do I track the client's progress?

Below, you can see the goals page. Here you can view all of the goals that you have set for the client and the progress that has been made towards them. In this case the client has only one goal, however you are able to set as many as necessary. This client has a target to improve /b/ initial to an accuracy target of 80%, more metadata for this goal can be seen below the goal title. The red line on the graph shows the target and the green line shows the level that the client is currently performing at.

In this case, as /b/ initial is a goal provided by Voca Quest it is tracked automatically when the client completes relevant activities. After 3 times of reaching the accuracy target in an activity, the goal will be attained and a certificate will be available for the client to view.


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