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Reaching Clients through Teletherapy

Voca Quest has a built in teletherapy function allowing SLTs to give remote therapy without having to use external software. You will be able to see and hear eachother in a video call, and will both be able to see the activity.

Setting up a Teletherapy Session

To complete an activity in teletherapy, the journey starts the same as completing an activity in clinic on Voca Quest: by selecting the desired activity/activities and clicking 'Start now'. Following this in the customise activity screen, select teletherapy in the delivery mode session.

The next step is the 'Join Voca Quest teletherapy session' page as seen below. This is where you can test to ensure that your device microphone and camera is working before the call begins.

Also on this screen is a list of step by step instructions that can be followed in order to connect the client to the session quickly and easily:

a. Copy and send the link to client using your preferred method like email, SMS or social media messaging.

b. Ask your client to launch the link on a web browser (Chrome is preferred). If asked, they should ‘Allow’ the device to use video, microphone and speaker.

c. Ask your client to input their name and tap request access. At this point they will be waiting for you to join.

d. On your screen, tap Join session.

e. If the client has launched the link on their web browser and requested access, you will be shown a pop up and if you recognise the name, you can Admit them to your session. If you don’t see your client, resend the link and follow the steps above.

d. Once your client is in your session, you can start with the activity or screen share from your device.

What your client will see

Once launching the link, the client will see a 'Join Voca Quest teletherapy session' screen where they can check their device microphone and camera in the same way that the practitioner screen allowed before. They then simply need to enter their name and click 'Request access' before waiting for the practitioner to admit them to the session.


In the screens shown below, you can see that the 'Start' button is greyed out on the client screen. This is due to the childlock feature in teletherapy which can be turned on or off by the practitioner. This allows you to disable input from the client throughout the activity.


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