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Practise from Home/School through the Client Dashboard

The client dashboard is a portal for clients to access activities from home or school, without the need of a practitioner to be present. Login credentials are generated when a practitioner adds a client to their caseload, and can be shared with parents, guardians, carers or teachers as required. Voca Quest allows you as a practitioner to keep track of client's practise whilst at home/school as for every activity they complete, you will receive a report. This means that you will know how they are progressing before your next meeting, and can plan appropriately.

How do I give my clients access?

If you navigate to the client information screen, you will be able to see a section at the bottom called "Client dashboard access". Here you can copy the client's login details and share them via your preferred channel. You can also see when the client has last accessed the client dashboard.

Once the client has received these details, they can login and will be automatically directed to the client dashboard.

What can clients do in client dashboard?

The client is able to view and edit their Avatar and Avatar game name as well as any certificates they have achieved from completing goals. They cannot access or edit any other client information. They can also see a list of activities to complete which have been added to the therapy plan by the practitioner. If there are no activities in the therapy plan, some suggested activities are shown. Suggested activities are based on previously completed activities and current goals meaning they will be relevant and useful for the client's progress. Historic activities are also shown, and can be replayed.

Grown ups section

To access the Grown ups section, an age gate is implemented.

From here you can learn more about Voca Quest, access the client's goal report, read over the terms and conditions as well as accessing our support channels.


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