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Practicing Verbs with Voca Quest

What are Verbs?

Verbs are words that show an action (jump, run, sleep) or a state of being (is, am, become). Present Progressive Verbs refer to an action that is currently in progress.

  • The present progressive verbs usually have an -ing at the end of action verbs.

  • Age of Mastery is typically 19-28 months old

  • Examples: walking, jumping, clapping, finding

Irregular Past-Tense verbs refer to an action or state of being that happened in the past. Regular past-tense verbs have an -ed ending whereas, irregular past-tense verbs do not.

  • Age of Mastery: 3-4 years old: hit, hurt, went 4 -5 years old: saw, gave, ate

Regular Past Tense -ed verbs are used to describe something that already happened.

  • Examples: walked, jumped, clapped

  • Age of Mastery: 26-48 months old

Ways to practice verbs in Voca Quest

Verbs can be practiced in Voca Quest using

  • Category Sorting

  • Flashcards

  • Memory Match

  • Quiz

  • Fill in the blanks

All of these can also be paired with different games such as Word Search and Snakes & Ladders to make them more engaging!


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