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Pairing Therapy with Games in Voca Quest

Within Voca Quest, there is a selection of games that you can pair with the therapy approaches in order to help make your therapy more engaging. There are 6 different types of games to choose from.

Snakes and Ladders

This mimics the classic board game, except the client is asked to answer a question after every roll. The game ends once all players reach the finish line. Multiple therapy approaches can be paired with snakes and ladders and this will alter the style of question asked after each roll. These include : flashcards, quiz, odd one out, minimal pairs, fill in the blanks.

Colouring Game

This game allows the client to colour in a picture whilst answering questions. This game pairs with flashcards, odd one out, minimal pairs and sort/classify therapy approaches. Shown below is colouring with sort/classify, the client has to colour in the correct areas with the correct pen with each area being labelled with a word and each highlighter labelled with a category.

Spinner Game

In this game, the client will answer a question after spinning the wheel. The number of spins can be changed to decide the number of questions that the client will need to answer. In the images below you can see the spinner game paired with fill in the blanks questions however this game is also available paired with flashcards, odd one out, quiz and sequencing questions.


This game only pairs with flashcards. A list of words will be shown and the client will need to find them all within the wordsearch.

Memory Match

This game only pairs with flashcards as a therapy approach. The client will need to find pairs of cards, and will practise a flashcard every time they turn over a card. There is settings to choose between 6, 12 or 18 cards.


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