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New Features: Basic Prepositions, Notifications and more!

We have recently made some updates to Voca Quest including some exciting new features!

Phonetic Keyboard in Report

We have introduced the phonetic keyboard (previously used in some of our screeners) into the notes section for every activity report. This means that you can conveniently add in these characters to the notes and ensure you can include the same amount of detail as you would writing notes offline.

Basic prepositions

Based on feedback we have had from practitioners to provide prepositions activities for younger clients, we have worked on a new set of preposition activities: Basic prepositions place the object, Basic prepositions fill in the blanks and Basic preposition quiz. These use simpler images and simpler instructions than our Preposition scenes activities.


We have introduced in app and email notifications to help you stay on track with your Voca Quest therapy plans. A few examples are receiving notifications reminding you to retest screeners, informing you when your clients have completed activities through the client dashboard and letting you know when a client's therapy plan is coming to an end. You can find the in app notifications on the caseload screen. You can choose to turn off email notifications in the account section.

The client will also receive in app notifications on the client dashboard. Examples of these include being notified when the practitioner adds more activities to their therapy plan and when they achieve one of their goals.

Awarding extra coins

As well as clients earning coins through completing activities, you can now award additional coins for great work. Simply press on the add symbol next to the coins on the client profile, choose the number of coins you wish to award and add an optional message. The client will receive a notification that you have awarded them extra coins and this will include the message that you write. This allows you to recognise and encourage effort and hard work instead of the client only receiving coins for correct answers.


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